Submitted on Oct 15, 2013


Tags : big_data digital_obsolescence preservation

Author : Jean-Pierre Chanod, Senior Scientist & Area Manager


The most visible aspect of today’s digital world is the explosion of content and data. Yet as long as this information remains siloed and inconsistent there is only so much one can do with it. This disconnected dispersion of knowledge will continue to accelerate with the increase of new data and information resulting in a greater fragmentation of society. To overcome this schism we need systems that make it possible for people to interact and collectively elaborate knowledge that goes beyond each of their particular realms to realise unprecedented discoveries. We call this a ‘computer assisted Renaissance’.  For such information systems to appear we must first break free from the volatility and obsolescence inherent in digital media.


This video was one of the 4 Emerging Trends presentations given at the XRCE 20th anniversary Oct 4th 2013.

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